ancient sites

Inland from St Just, Penwith's moorland is home to many pre-historic remains. The closest are Ballowal Barrow, Tregeseal stone circle, Chun quoit and castle, and Carn Euny village - all worth a visit. Travel a little further and you can also visit the Merry Maidens stone circle, Lanyon quoit, the Men-an Tol holed stone, and Chysauster ancient village.

As you move around Penwith, you will find celtic stone crosses at the roadside, and standing stones dotted around in fields, as well as on the moors.

There are many other settlements, quoits, wells and fogous to be discovered, but the less popular destinations can be difficult to find in the summer because of the bracken.

If you are heading out to walk on the moors, avoid going on a foggy day, and take a map.

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